The importance of maintaining the health of baby teeth cannot be overstated. As a leading Meridian dentist at 208 Dental, we often get questions from concerned parents about the necessity of dental care for their children's baby teeth. This blog aims to shed light on why caring for baby teeth is crucial and when to start dental visits to ensure your child's oral health is on the right track.
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The average lifespan of a modern tooth-colored filling is around seven years, yet this is not a fixed rule. At 208 Dental in Meridian, we understand that the durability of a filling depends on a multitude of factors. Dr. Goettsche and his team are committed to extending the life of your fillings as much as possible and will take every step to ensure you have the best fillings around! However, just like a house needs repainting over time, dental fillings require proper maintenance and occasional ...
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Cavities are a common dental issue affecting people of all ages. While often associated with children and teens, cavities do not discriminate and can appear in anyone’s mouth, regardless of their oral hygiene habits. The development of cavities is influenced by several factors including genetics, dietary habits, and dental care routines. Understanding what leads to cavities and how to effectively prevent them is crucial. At 208 Dental located in Meridian, ID. Dr. Goettsche is prepared to hel...
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Experiencing some level of discomfort after getting a dental filling is not uncommon, and it's a question many patients at 208 Dental have. While post-operative sensitivity is typically minimal, it largely depends on various factors like the depth of the filling and your individual oral health. Thanks to modern advancements in dentistry, the intensity of this discomfort has lessened over the years. At 208 Dental, Meridian dentist Dr. Goettsche and his team are committed to using the best...
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After receiving a dental filling, it's natural to question when you can safely start eating again. Modern dentistry advancements have streamlined this process, allowing for a quicker return to normalcy. Yet, it's crucial to navigate this post-treatment phase with care. Knowing the right type of food to eat and how to properly care for your newly filled tooth can significantly impact your comfort and the filling's longevity. Meridian dentist, Dr. Goettsche of 208 Dental, will share th...
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Uncovering if core build up procedures are covered by dental insurance can be a complex and often confusing process for many patients. While core build ups are generally considered a covered service, the reality of insurance coverage can be nuanced and sometimes unpredictable. At 208 Dental, we understand the importance of this treatment and strive to simplify the process for our patients. We actively assist in confirming coverage, navigating the intricacies of insurance policies, and addressing...
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Dental crowns and core build ups are common terms you might hear during a visit to a Meridian dentist, each referring to specific types of dental restoration. While they are related by a common goal to restore and maintain oral health, they differ in purpose, application, and construction. Crowns are often used to protect and strengthen a tooth, whereas core build ups are utilized to reconstruct the tooth's foundational structure. Understanding these differences is crucial for patients navig...
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