We are very excited at 208 Dental to offer 3D printing dental services to all our patients. 3D printing was first utilized in dentistry in the early 90s and has come a long way since then to help improve the patient experience.

At 208 Dental, we use the latest DLP (Digital Light Processing) resin printer fabricated by SprintRay. Essentially a projector flashes an image on what is known as a build plate and cures the image. This process is repeated throughout printing, and an object is created layer by layer.

We would love for you or your loved one to come by and take a tour of our office and show you how 3D printing can help improve your smile!

Benefits of 3D Printing in Dentistry

  • Impressionless - Say goodbye to your gag reflex and foul-tasting impressions. To 3D print, an intraoral scan of your mouth is much preferred to an impression.
  • Accuracy - Because your mouth has been scanned, the potential for distortion in the scan, compared to an impression, is significantly decreased. Furthermore, the software we use to fabricate a night guard, for example, allows for increased accuracy compared to the analog method. Hence, your night guard fits the first time, everytime!
  • Predictability - Take implants, for example; most doctors study a 2D x-ray, examine your mouth, and place an implant in your bone. If you ask any doctor, much of the long-term success of an implant comes from the location the implant is placed in. When an implant is slightly misplaced, it can lead to food traps, aesthetically displeasing outcomes, and decreased success and longevity. When we use a 3D-printed surgical guide, we can easily place an implant in the exact spot we want it.
Several 3D printed molds of teeth | 3D printing at 208 Dental in Boise, ID

Not only that, but before your surgery day, we take the time to virtually place an implant using software that integrates a scan of your mouth and a 3D x-ray. Thus, we are better prepared for your surgery, leading to better outcomes.

  • Comfort - Implant surgery times and post-operative pain are considerably decreased due to the accuracy and predictability of treatment. Many cases can be completed without cutting or flapping large amounts of gum tissue. Fewer sutures too!
  • Turnaround Time - Typical turnaround time for a night guard sent to a lab is two weeks, sometimes more. With 3D printing, we decrease the turnaround time significantly.

Moreover, if your dog chews up your night guard, you lose it, or break it, we have your digital night guard already in our system and can hit print any time! That means no new impression and no new design of the night guard. This saves both our office and you time and money!

Technology is only improving, and the dental applications we are 3D printing at 208 Dental are only increasing!

Common Items 3D Printed at 208 Dental

  • Surgical Guides to increase the success of implant placement.
  • Splints and Nightguards to treat people who clench or grind their teeth.
  • Orthodontic Clear Aligners to help straighten your teeth.
  • Dental Models to aid in treatment planning and patient education.
  • Digital Dentures for fewer appointments than traditional dentures.
  • Even a little Baby Yoda for your little guy!

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