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At 208 Dental, we believe that problems with your smile shouldn't have to take you out for long! That's why we are proud to offer same-day emergency dentistry in Meridian, Kuna, and the greater Treasure Valley.

Do you have a persistent throbbing toothache? Is there a foul taste in your mouth? Are you experiencing swelling in your cheeks, gums, or jaw? Dr. Goettsche provides emergency examinations for all of these issues. Often, an emergency root canal will relieve your pain and allow you to save your tooth. If you have severe cavities or periodontal disease, tooth extraction may be in order. We perform bone grafts on the same day as extractions, providing a strong foundation for dental implants in the future.

Do you have a missing or broken filling, or a chipped tooth? Dr. Goettsche reserves same-day emergency appointments to help repair any damage before it gets worse. Whether you need a replacement filling or a crown, you don't have to deal with dental pain for long. If you had a crown fall off, hang on to it!

In many cases, if a crown still fits well after it’s fallen out, we can recement it and have you out of the chair quickly. And don’t fret about your filling becoming loose or falling out, we can see you the same day at our Meridian office and replace it promptly.

Are your teeth loose, or has your breath gotten much worse all of a sudden? Periodontal disease is often the cause. 208 Dental is prepared to treat this before tooth extractions become necessary.

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Let Us Bend Over Backwards to Earn Your Business!

Whether you have a dental emergency or you're just looking for a new general dentist in Meridian, 208 Dental is proud to be Idaho's home for dentistry. Our whole team will do everything possible to fix your smile before you leave our office.

If you have sores in your mouth — from fever blisters to canker sores — you know how much they can disrupt your life. Dr. Goettsche is proud to provide medical treatment for these ailments, relieving your mouth pain so you can smile once again.

Is your retainer feeling loose, did it break, or does it no longer fit? Not a problem! With our in-house 3D printer and other orthodontic equipment, we can provide you with a new retainer quickly. This process can be completed next day giving you the peace of mind knowing your teeth will no longer shift.

We also offer same-day treatment for a wide variety of denture problems. If your dentures aren't fitting right, or if they develop cracks, we can reline them. With 3D printing and other advanced technology, you can get your replacement dentures faster than you would if we sent it to a lab!

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Our suite of emergency dental services at 208 Dental is second-to-none. Dr. Goettsche uses high-end technology for every procedure, and he will always be up-front with you about all of your treatment options. Call or text our office at (208) 501-8860 for the fastest service, or fill out our online contact form and one of our friendly staff members will respond as soon as we can.




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