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Did your braces leave white spots on your teeth? Are you looking for an affordable, minimally invasive cosmetic dentistry solution for spots, fluorosis, or stains on your enamel? ICON™ resin infiltration is available at our dental office in Meridian.

What is ICON™ Resin Infiltration?

With ICON™ resin infiltration, Dr. Goettsche can strengthen and whiten your teeth without veneers or even drilling. It can be completed in a single office visit that usually takes less than one hour. If ICON™ resin infiltration is the right treatment for you, Dr. Goettsche will begin by placing a proprietary solution on the affected teeth. He will then apply a coating of resin, which will be absorbed into your teeth, and once the resin is cured, he will polish the area. This adds strength to your enamel, even if it's been decalcified.

Benefits of ICON™ Resin Infiltration

Have perfect teeth with ICON™ Resin Infiltration

ICON™ resin infiltration is a high-end solution to stained and decalcified teeth. Unlike traditional alternatives (such as crowns and veneers), our Meridian dentist can perform it even on young children. If you want to have your teeth whitened, you will also have much more dramatic whitening results after ICON™ resin infiltration.

These results can last for many years, making it one of the most long-lasting cosmetic dentistry procedures that you can get. It matches the exact color of your teeth, which means that your friends and family will notice the improvement in your smile without being able to tell what happened!

Ideal Candidates for ICON™ Resin Infiltration

ICON™ resin infiltration is a cosmetic dentistry option available to both adults and children. Ideal candidates may suffer from:

  • White spot lesions (WSL)
  • Fluorisis
  • Enamel lesions or stains

Alternatives to ICON™ Resin Infiltration

Adults with mature teeth have several alternatives to ICON™ resin infiltration. These include fillings, veneers, and crowns. However, ICON™ resin infiltration is the preferred solution in many cases. Dr. Goettsche will go through your options and make recommendations at your consultation.

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