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Are you dissatisfied with your smile and considering a smile makeover? Veneers may be the solution for you! Veneers are an esthetic solution for common problems such as discolored, misshaped, worn, or even prematurely aged teeth. Dental veneers are made custom for your smile in a laboratory and bonded to the front surfaces of your teeth. Although veneers typically fall under cosmetic dentistry as they can make your smile appear much more youthful and restore it to its natural form, they can also serve to improve one’s bite and ability to chew. A veneer is a durable option to enhance one’s smile and requires little to no tooth structure removal.

Depending on the person, one set of veneers may last them the rest of their life. Because of this, you should be well informed about the procedure. At 208 Dental, we love discussing your cosmetic concerns and presenting what we feel are the best solutions for your teeth.

Are Veneers Suitable for Everyone?

Anyone interested in a more youthful, vibrant smile should consider veneers as a treatment option. Patients with the following conditions may benefit most from veneers:

  • Broken or chipped teeth
  • Teeth that have been filled or refilled with larger fillings that are less than esthetic
  • Teeth with spaces or gaps between them (Diastemas)
  • Crooked or poorly positioned teeth
  • Stains that tooth whitening cannot address (i.e., Fluorosis, severe white, yellow, or brown lesions or stains)
  • Small, narrow, or otherwise misshaped teeth (i.e., Peg laterals, genetically small teeth)
  • Short, worn, or disproportionately sized teeth

Didn’t see your problem listed? Don’t fret; you can still contact 208 Dental to schedule your free consultation to see how we can help you improve your smile through veneers or other treatment modalities.

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Who is Not Suitable for Veneers?

Unfortunately, not everyone is an ideal candidate for dental veneers. People with large cavities, periodontal disease, children, or severe clenchers and grinders may benefit more from other forms of care to help them achieve the smile of their dreams. Dr. Goettsche will complete a comprehensive exam and help you decide the best solution to enhance your smile and discuss any worthwhile alternatives.

What is the Process for Getting Veneers?

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Once you have met with Dr. Goettsche and decided that veneers are the optimal solution to enrich your smile, the process will begin by working up your case.

First, we will take an intraoral scan of your mouth. At 208 Dental, we prefer to scan your mouth whenever possible to avoid nasty-tasting impressions. Second, we will take various photos and examine them with you to give you feedback about your smile and further understand what you don’t like about it. After creating this problem list, we will send your case to a highly skilled lab technician to create a mock-up of your smile. This will conclude the first appointment.

We will then schedule you for a second appointment to show you the mock-up and the results we could achieve for your smile makeover. You will have the opportunity to discuss your smile again with Dr. Goettsche and ask any questions you may have. You may decide you love the mock-up or that there is just one little thing you would like to change. After addressing any of these changes and getting your permission, we will schedule you for your treatment appointment.

Your appointment time will be scheduled based off how many veneers Dr. Goettsche thinks your case will need. Typically one arch veneer case may be scheduled for 2-3 hours. At this appointment, we will prepare your teeth and take a final scan of the preparations to send to the lab, followed by placing temporary veneers on your teeth that mimic the original mock-up you approved. Over the next few weeks you will “test-drive” these veneers and let us know of anything you don’t like or want to improve as well as ensure your bite feels comfortable.

Following this “test-drive” period, we will send your scan to the lab to fabricate your porcelain veneers. At the final appointment, we will show you what the veneers look like on both the model and your mouth before bonding them. At 208 Dental, we never want you to feel rushed or unprepared for the final outcome of your case.. Once again, with your permission, we will bond the final veneers to your teeth and make any adjustments.

The description above is how a typical veneer case may go. Pending your case, Dr. Goettsche may recommend a “gum lift” or a short orthodontics treatment before veneer placement.

What are Other Dental Cosmetic Alternatives to Veneers?

Although veneers can treat various dental problems, other cosmetic treatment alternatives include the following:

  • Whitening – Whiter teeth may be all you need to improve your smile!
  • ICON™ Resin Infiltration – this treatment modality can help improve the color of your teeth in the case of minor to moderate white, yellow, or brain staining. Ideal cases are white spot lesions that tend to occur in teens who don’t have optimal hygiene while wearing braces.
  • Composite Restorations – Tooth staining that is resistant to treatment with either ICON™ or whitening may be better treated with a conservative yet cosmetic composite restoration.
  • Crowns - Crowns may be indicated for patients with severe clenching or grinding habits but still want to restore their smile to its natural form. Patients with large cavities or teeth that are severely worn may not only look better but benefit from the more durable option of a crown in these cases.
  • Orthodontics via Clear Aligners – Sometimes, all your teeth need to look better is to be straightened and placed in the correct position in your smile! Minor tooth movement can take place in just a few short months!
  • Composite Veneers – Not ready to make the financial commitment to porcelain veneers? Or, are you still a teenager and not done growing? Composite veneers can be an affordable alternative to porcelain veneers.
  • BioClear™ Cosmetic Restorations – This treatment modality, similar to composite veneers, involves injection molding composite in a preformed matrix. It is most beneficial in cases where people are experiencing black triangles in their gums due to periodontal disease. Furthermore, it can be less of a financial investment than porcelain veneers while achieving staggering results. While composite veneers and Bioclear™ cosmetic restorations can significantly enhance one’s smile, these options may not last as long or be as esthetic as a porcelain veneer.
  • Combination Therapy – Combining some of the above treatments may also be seen as an alternative to veneers. For example, if you like the shape of your teeth but they are discolored and crooked, orthodontics via clear aligners and whitening may be your preferred option.
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Affordable Porcelain Veneers and Cosmetic Dentistry in Meridian

At 208 Dental, we provide free cosmetic consultations for patients interested in smile makeovers, whether they choose to proceed with care or not. We pride ourselves in offering high quality care with the best materials and latest technology and equipment that allows us to achieve optimal results. Get in touch with us today to make an appointment!

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